hi. my name is nick and i’m a conversational engineer.

25 Sep

well, hello there. my name is nick. i’m 21 years old but, that’s not what i’m here to talk about. i wanted to start this blog to keep track of some of the crazy shit that happens while i’m at work. i currently work at a hotel in a small, southern illinois town. i’ve been working there for almost a year and i think i have gotten to a point where i am starting to forget a lot of the really cool stories.

since i’ve started working at this place, it’s really became apart of who i am. it’s changed me in so many fucking ways, i can’t even begin to list them.

for the most part, i normally sit in the back office and mess around on hockey forums or facebook but, every now and then, i get stuck in some really crazy situation at work. i think it’s time i tell someone about these stories. hopefully you will all appreciate them. i don’t really know who i am talking to at this point but it will be interesting how this turns out.